Restful Respite

Quite often during a cancer patient’s treatment and end of life care, the main focus is on taking care of the patient and their needs. The unsung heroes in this battle are the family members, care givers, and friends who spend countless hours caring for their loved ones. Many times it’s simply not possible to leave a patient alone, especially if that patient is a child or adolescent, which frequently creates time constraints, exhaustion, and loss of work hours for these dedicated care givers.

Restful Respite is an innovative program developed exclusively by L5 Foundation along with Quality Private Duty Care to give a well deserved, much needed break to those who put their lives on hold for what can sometimes be weeks and months. The goal of the program is to allow care givers an opportunity to leave their patient at home in the care of a qualified sitter while they are able to go to work for a period of time, run errands, or simply get away for a few hours to relax and recharge.