Giving Levels

Giving Levels

L5 Friend $1-$99

L5 Loyal $100-$499

L5 Spoon $500-$999

Faith $1000-$2,499

Hope (Founder’s Society) $2,500

Determination $10,000

Strength $25,000

Passion $50,000 +

The story behind the spoon.

It started back during World War II. Dachau 64381 was the number assigned to Rick’s father when he was captured in Poland during WWII as part of the Polish Underground. He spent 2 years in Dachau as a prisoner, and upon being liberated by US forces, the only thing he had in his possession was the spoon he used to eat his meals. While Rick’s father has passed, Rick’s mom, Babcia, uses the spoon every day. One day the spoon will be Rick’s to carry.

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