My Husband…My Hero…My Hope

Stephanie Craft
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August 28, 2017
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August 31, 2017
Misty Cunningham

5 years ago, my husband Roger was diagnosed with Stage 1 Tonsil Cancer. So scary, so surprising, such a shock to us and our family.

After we met with the great medical team at UT Cancer Institute, a clean CT and PET Scan, we found out that we had Hope for this particular type of cancer.

What would 8 weeks, 2 Chemo Treatments and 35 Radiation treatments do to a healthy business man,? Maybe just a little down time?

50 pounds down later, no food for 8 weeks, no taste buds for 9 months, is where this horrible disease took my Hero.

But all along, we still had Hope. Always Hope.

When I would go with Roger to the many treatments at UT Cancer Institute and saw those struggling, not able to eat, losing weight, their mates grieving over their loved ones, I still remember that my husband had Hope. There were several of those in that room just trying to survive the week. No Hope.

I was so proud of my husband during this special time in our lives that God granted us.

He would struggle to his treatments every day in an old, big, heavy, leather jacket that he always insisted on wearing.

But while he sat in his chair for his treatment just to live, he would notice those around him who just needed a little encouragement and hope.

So he would almost crawl to those in need and simply pray with them, offering them Hope.

That is the man I married. He is my Hero.

L5 is a Foundation of Hope. I have witnessed the generosity of Hope over and over during my time with this Foundation. No matter the need, no matter the time, they continue to offer Hope.

– Misty Cunningham