While the L5 Foundation continues to experience growth in a variety of areas, L5 continues to provide temporary support and a much-needed safety net for cancer patients.

L5 is focused on the essential and basic needs of cancer patients. Many families are overwhelmed during a family member’s cancer treatments and need help buying food or clothes, cleaning house, or even finding a baby sitter. L5 raises and distributes funds to organizations focused on basic patient care.

L5’s impact has been felt throughout East Tennessee. To date, organizations and charities that have received funding from L5 Foundation include: The Cancer Institute at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Niswonger Children’s Hospital, The Thompson Cares Fund at the Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation, and Angels of Hope (which provides food baskets for patients and their families going through treatment during the holiday season).




Provide 10,000 Meals


Provide 100 Food Baskets


Create a $10,000 Emergency Fund


Provide 1,500 Gas Cards


Provide 500 Hours of Counseling

L5 raises and distributes money to organizations addressing the essential and basic needs of cancer patients – and to organizations that provide real results.

L5 is working toward a time when no cancer patient will ever have to wonder – after they have made it through all their surgeries and all their chemotherapy and radiation treatments – if they will have to life in a day-to-day struggle or leave behind a mountain of debt for their families to have to manage.

L5 has been a great success.

Donations to L5 demonstrate a real commitment to enabling patients during their most difficult of times.

With continued support from across the giving East Tennessee community, we will reach our goals of continuing to support and make significant community impact for years to come.