L5 Foundation Stories

L5 FoundationI founded L5 Foundation to honor my patients and the struggles they go through in facing a diagnosis of cancer. I truly believe the foundation’s 5 principles of Faith, Hope, Determination, Strength, and Passion exemplify the values it takes for one to overcome any adversity in life.

The creation of the L5 line of jewelry has been a labor of love. I look at the pieces in the collection and reflect on the importance of these powerful words. I think of my patients who have survived cancer, and I remember the ones who have not, and understand, that each one of these words has a very special meaning.

For me, I choose Determination. I can’t remember a time in my life in which I haven’t been determined to do something…learn how to cook, become a majorette in my high school marching band, go to Medical School, become a successful Oncologist, be a working mom and raise 2 kids, start my own foundation…

As people view the new L5 jewelry line, I hope they too will find the word or words that most portrays their inner spirit. These words symbolize all that is good in people and should be worn with pride to encourage others to live their lives by the same principles.

– Dr. Susan Newman

L5: Live Five from Citizen Agency on Vimeo.