L5 Week 2017

A special thank you to our 2017 L5 Week Sponsors.

About L5 Foundation.

L5 raises and distributes money to EastTennessee organizations addressing the essential and basic needs of cancer patients.

You can help by joining the Ambassador’s Society.

L5 stands for “Live 5”. When a cancer patient survives for 5 years after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, we think of them as being cancer-free. Our goal at L5 Foundation is to ensure the best quality of life by providing for the essential and basic needs for cancer patients and their families for those 5 years and longer, if needed.

Many families are overwhelmed during cancer treatments, and even being able to put food on the table or buy gas for transportation to and from treatments can be a struggle.

L5 raises and distributes funds to organizations sharing similar values of providing aid and comfort for cancer patients and their families in their greatest time of need.

Or call Rick at (865) 250-2684 to signup by phone.