Our Mission

Our Mission

L5 Foundation is, first and foremost, focused on helping people at the most vulnerable times in their lives—and helping to relieve the emotional and financial burdens that can occur anytime to anyone.

L5 Foundation’s five core values are:

  1. The Faith to Believe
  2. The Hope to Endure
  3. The Determination to Overcome
  4. The Strength to Survive
  5. The Passion to Win

When we founded L5 Foundation, we set ourselves a formidable but, we felt, worthy task: To raise and distribute money to organizations that provide real results. Today, we continue to take steps to strengthen our coalition of support and to extend our network of organizations to which we provide funding. Our broad fundraising activities, our events, and the generous and unwavering support of corporate, foundation, and individual donors allow us to fulfill our mission.

L5 Foundation’s current portfolio includes: L5 Cancer Support, dedicated to addressing the essential and basic needs of cancer patients and more.

We encourage everyone to engage with the L5 Foundation website, to learn more about our galvanizing activities, and to join us along the journey.

L5 Foundation is a 501(c)(3)organization.