Welcome From Our Founder

A Welcome From Our Founder

The L5 Foundation was born so that people can empower themselves. L5 Foundation’s mission is to take care of people in their greatest time of need.

As an oncologist, I am keenly aware that cancer treatments can be terribly debilitating—and a huge financial drain on families. What happens when patients leave my medical oncology office? Who’s taking care of our patients? Who is going grocery shopping or cleaning the house? Who is driving our patients to chemotherapy? Is there money to pay for childcare?

Cancer patients can find themselves in a financial crisis for many reasons. Some patients are retired and living on a fixed income. Some are unable to work during cancer treatments. Others are treated with medications that are so expensive that an out-of-pocket co-pay for a treatment regimen costing $100,000 can cost up to or more than $20,000. Our patients find themselves often having to choose between buying medicines or buying food, paying for gas to travel to get their treatment or paying their electric bill—and many times draining their life savings just to stay alive.

We are well into the second year of L5 Foundation—and we continue to reach our strategic objectives and to set new goals for 2016 and beyond. The pace of activities is intense and promising. L5’s vision remains the same: To work towards a time when no cancer patient will ever have to wonder—after they have made it through all their surgeries and all their chemotherapy and radiation treatments—if they will have to live the rest of their life in a day-to-day financial struggle or leave behind a mountain of debt for their families to have to manage. We also continue to grow our exceptional board of directors and our network of donors.

Thank you for your support.


Dr. Susan Newman, MD